Believers have a passion for truth and justice--in our lives and religion, in private and public. Shaykh Omar Qureshi will cover a classical summary of Prophetic ethics, by one of the great theologians of Islam, Imam al-Iji (d. 756 AH).

He will cover the understanding of ethics and Prophetic character; the key components of character; what is wisdom; what are the key virtues; how one acquires good character; good character in personal relationships, social relations, and in the public sphere.

Critically, he will share Imam Iji's insights on upholding Prophetic ethics and excellence in leadership, activism, community service, and our professions.

Dr. Omar Qureshi (Zaytuna College, USA) is an experienced Islamic scholar, educator, and academic with a deep interest in Prophetic ethics (akhlaq) External Event Url
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