Dear Fellow Seeker,

You and and your family are cordially invited to a very special gathering of prayer, recitation and remembrance to mark the 27th night of Ramadan with visiting and local scholars.

We will stand in prayer together, shoulder to shoulder, expressing our love for Allah and the Beloved Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him). We will remember the moment when the Prophet Muhammad was embraced by the Angel Gabriel and instructed to recite – Iqra!

Highlights of this special 27th Night of Ramadan Program include:
- Completion of the Qur’an in Tarawih followed by Dua of Khatm;
- Iftar & Suhoor Provided;
- Sweets, Snacks, Coffee & Tea Through the Night;
- Qiyam ul Layl (Night Prayer) and Salah al-Tasbih in Congregation;
- Inspirational Reflections from teachers, Nasheeds and Circles of Remembrance; and
- A separate area for children to play and sleep (so bring your pyjamas and sleeping bags).

Registration is for free, but required in order for us to make accomodations for you and your family.

The SeekersHub Toronto Team External Event Url
Woodbine Banquet and Convention Center
30 Vice Regent Boulevard, Toronto, ON, Canada