Join us for gatherings centered on meditation, spiritual discussion, and finding peace and inner healing. We follow a direct approach, in the footsteps of Rumi, Prophetic teachings, and other spiritual masters, to awaken to what is already here and now: The Loving Divine Presence.

Rumi for the Soul Program
Our approach will include reflection and meditation, and you will need to dedicate at least 30 minutes on a daily basis if you intend to get most of this program. Information can only open the door, but we need personal experience to really see the results.

Keep a journal
Set an intention for half an hour of being in the Presence of God every day (through meditation; dhikr and/or muraqabah). On a weekly basis, note the changes you have regarding acceptance vs. resentment, forgiveness vs. blame, compassion vs. hatred or indifference, trust vs. fear, willingness to do good vs. apathy… We will be visiting many of these emotions during this program, but it would be interesting for you to see how committing to be in the Presence of God on a daily basis is transforming your life. You will be able to confirm this for your self.

Everyone from any background and tradition is welcome. A typical evening involves a spiritual lesson, chanting (dhikr) or silent meditation (muraqabah), followed by an opportunity to reflect and share. We end with a shared meal and companionship.

Please note that many of our attendees are not on Facebook, and attendance at our gatherings currently ranges from 10 to 30 or more guests on any given occasion.

Free child care is NOT available. Dinner is hosted by friends of Nur and is free of charge now.

Any questions, feel free to contact us. We look forward to meeting you! External Event Url
Nur Spirituality Institute
3950 S US-17-92, Casselberry, FL, United States