Did you know...Most major vitamin brands contain non-Halal ingredients as they may contain pork-based-gelatin and other non-Halal ingredients. Specifically, some vitamins (B12, A, D) and even tablet coating can come from animal sources and may not be Halal.

Noor is a pharmaceutical company specializing in developing high quality vitamins and dietary supplements for the health-conscious Muslim consumer. Noor Pharmaceuticals was founded by Muslim physicians and pharmacists, who experienced first-hand the need for Halal nutritional supplements and vitamins. Our mission is to provide the Muslim community with the highest quality vitamins and supplements in order to promote a healthy and Halal lifestyle. We are committed to ensuring that our products meet the highest possible scientific and Halal standards, and that our business practices meet the highest Islamic principles.

At Noor Pharmaceuticals we certify more than just our vitamins. Our US based manufacturing facilities are both Halal certified and FDA compliant GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified. In addition, we observe Halal business practices, including but not limited to zakat, contracting, and financing.