How should Muslims behave towards those who are not Muslims? This has become such a heated debate in recent times.

Do Muslims have a responsibility to those around them regardless of their faith and background? At a time when the image of Islam is so negative and many look upon Muslims with fear and mistrust, what should their relationship with the rest of society be? How should they talk to, interact with those of other faiths and those of no faith? What did Islam have to say about these relationships 1400 years ago? Does the perception of 'the Ummah' impact on how Muslims should interact and deal with those around them and what does this mean for social cohesion today? This session will talk about our sense of purpose as human beings and how we can rise above communitarianism.

Biography - Rabiha Hannan,
A pharmacist by training, Rabiha holds an MA in Muslim Community Studies, with a specialisation on gender issues. She is co-editor of the book 'Islam and the Veil' (2011). She is co-Director of the Community Relations Initiative, a consultancy which works on research, educational and practical projects aiming to bring communities together. She has been Vice Chair and Chair of the Leicester SACRE (2007-2009) and was on the implementation team leading to the formation of the national Christian-Muslim Forum. She has previously been President of the Leicester Branch of the Islamic Society of Britain (2001-2005). She is currently member of the National Shura of The Islamic Society of Britain and leads on their work in schools. Rabiha is married, has four children and lives in Leicester. External Event Url