How do we know our Creator? How do we submit to God more completely, to earn God’s pleasure and avoid error? What can we learn from the Qur'an, and from the one person who best exemplifies what it truly means to submit?

These are questions that the scholars of Islam have been helping answer since the passing of the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace… and questions that continue to be asked. As we strive to understand what Islam stands for in our lives and in our world, addressing these questions remains as important as ever.

This session will look at the role of reason and revelation and how the interaction of these two led to the development of the science of Usool, that is, the foundational principles that underpin the Islamic legal framework. Principles that help yield a Godly foundation, where our existence and purpose remain true to the Divine.

Faraz Mir completed his Arabic studies in the UK and Egypt, where he pursued introductory studies in the Sciences of the Sharia. He is a member of the Islamic Society of Britain’s Shura Council and a teacher at its Knowledgeseekers residential course. A Project Manager in the retail e-commerce sector, he is also a Scouts Leader for a local scouts group. Faraz is married and lives in Luton. External Event Url