We all want to strive for excellence in our Deen. What is the best way to achieve this? Should you take the path of ease and comfort or that of difficulty and hardship? How hard should you be on yourself in matters of religion? Does taking the easy option diminish your reward? Does giving up your ease and comfort please God? How clear is the boundary between ease and laxness? Isn’t hardship and pain necessary for growth? Can you ever be excessive in acts of piety? Doesn’t Devotion to God require you to focus on Him alone? Isn’t abstinence (Zuhd) the key to spirituality? How can I get the balance right?

This session will discuss the nature of moderation and balance as defined in the Quran and Sunnah. Some of the common misconceptions around the themes of ease and hardship will be tackled. Practical examples of excess and deficiency in our daily lives will be explored e.g in matters of dress, diet, worship, belief and relationships.

Hafiz Naveed Idrees is married and lives in Halifax. He memorised the Quran at an early age and later
completed his Arabic studies in the UK and Syria, where he also pursued introductory studies in the Sciences of the Shariah. He has regularly taught at the Knowledgeseekers summer and winter courses. Professionally he is a qualified teacher, holds an MA in religion and education in contemporary society, and has worked as an educational consultant. He is also quite skilled in the art of origami but not as adept at DIY. He is also one of the regular teachers at the ISB Halifax weekly family circle. External Event Url