ISLAMIC RELIEF USA & ALMAGHRIB INSTITUTE are partnering together to present to you a SPECIAL collab event in Charlotte, NC!

As part of the ticket purchase for the Ilm Night (Story of the coming of Gog and Magog), you and your family are invited to a free 4-course halal benefit dinner for Palestine starting at 4:30 pm brought to you by Islamic Releif USA- in the same day! Sheikh Kamal El Mekki will be our guest speaker for the dinner as well as the instructor for the Ilm Night seminar!

Baby sitting will be available for both programs (dinner and seminar) for $5 per child per program. Children in babysitting will be provided food and refreshments. There will also be free on-site parking. External Event Url
8845 Craver Road Student Union Bldg. Room 340 Charlotte, NC 28262
8845 Craver Rd, Charlotte, NC 28262, USA