“The Sultan and the Saint” tells an 800 year-old story that is even more relevant to us today. After the film, discuss the issues with Alexei Laushkin of the Kingdom Mission Society.

With the rise of new forms of extremism across the Middle East and North Africa, Christians and Muslims around the world are facing a media narrative that pits both communities against one another. “The Sultan and the Saint” is a film that will serve as a counter-narrative to inspire Muslims, Christians, and others to take risks for peace and greater understanding.

In 1219, in the midst of the disastrous Fifth Crusade, Francis crossed enemy lines to gain an audience with al-Kamil, the sultan of Egypt. Francis, who opposed the warfare, hoped to bring about peace by converting the sultan to Christianity. He didn’t succeed, but came away from the peaceful encounter with revolutionary ideas that called for Christians to live harmoniously with Muslims. Thus began a relationship between the two that lasted the rest of their lives, each man risking his life to promote peace between their faiths. This story, which is well known among Franciscans, has mainly, until now, been told from the Christian perspective. “The Sultan and the Saint” is a live action docu-drama from the Muslim perspective. External Event Url
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