What Mother Needs to Know
This gathering is for mothers who are
(1) seeking marriage for their son or daugther or
(2) their son or daugther is engaged, thinking about proposals, or already recently married.
We will have acitivies and discussion in a casual, comfortable environment. The purpose of this get together is to share tips, advice, and practical solutions on guiding your child through the early stages of marriage and through the pre-maritial phases.
Communication to our young adults is the key. While parents may have very useful advice, it is often discarded by the child because of the way the advice was delivered.
It is important that sons and daugthers approaching marriage trust their parents advice and feel their parents relate to their perspectives on marriage when marriage matters come up. This is less liekly to happen if the child feels their parent understands them, the culture they were raised in, and can appreciate culutral and generational differences.
We need our young adults to receive healthy, relatable, practical marriage advice on how to deal with marital challenges before they come up or simple guidance on selecting the proper spouse.
Parents- We kindly request that you do not attend with your son or daugther. We want to encourage open, honest and judgement-free, discussion.

CONTACT/MORE INFO: 905-997-1827 or email matrimonial@icnareliefcanada.ca External Event Url
15-3375 Thomas St, Mississauga, ON L5M 0P7, Canada
15 Thomas St, Mississauga, ON L5M 1Y4, Canada