YMS Devon & Shams Clinic Present….. Speak Your Mind!
An open space for young sisters to connect and discuss mental health topics

Registration Required: https://goo.gl/forms/RXPnASCtRVEUcuQw2

Date: Friday, February 9th 7:00-9:00pm
Location: IQRA Institute, 2550 Eisenhower Avenue, Suite B, Trooper, PA 19403

Ages: 13-25 years old (sisters only)

Cost: FREE (donations welcome to help cover costs)


YMS Devon has partnered with ICNA Relief’s SHAMS Clinic to offer a platform for young sisters to ask questions surrounding mental health.

Part 1: How to open a safe, productive dialogue with your parents regarding mental health (from youth perspective)

Part 2: How to self-heal (spiritually) if you are suffering from mental health issues, if you do not have access to parents/professionals

Part 3: Q&A session with audience

6:15pm Opening Reception/Refreshments
7:00pm Interactive Speakers Presentations
8:00pm Q & A Audience Driven Session

Sister Aneeza Haq , MSW, LCSW
Sister Rabab Alma MBA, MA, LMFT


Sister Aneeza Haq , MSW, LCSW
Aneeza Fazli-Haq is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker having over 15-years of experience. She graduated with honors from New York University School of Social Work. She has 5-years of post-graduate specialized training in child development, play therapy, and contextual couples and family therapy.
As a clinical social worker, Aneeza is trained to work with a broad spectrum of mental health issues including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, substance abuse disorders,oppositional defiant disorder, and attention deficit disorder. She also specializes in interpersonal issues including parent-child conflict, parenting skills training, marital and family discord.
Aneeza uses an integrative approach to counseling weaving in elements of neuroscience, cognitive behavioral therapy, play therapy, development history, family dynamics, interpersonal therapies, and mindfulness and faith-based practices for optimal symptom relief.

Sister Rabab Alma MBA, MA, LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
International Life Coach
Rabab Alma, MBA, MA, LMFT is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She graduated with a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from LaSalle University. Rabab has been working with individuals, couples and families for over 9 years. She is an Arabic and English speaking therapist. In addition to working with families and individuals, Rabab is specialized in coaching leaders and individuals to reach their goals and build the life of their dreams. In addition to serving clients in Wayne, PA, Rabab is specialized in treating trauma and uses her skills to serve refugees and uninsured clients at an additional location in the northeast of Philadelphia. Rabab is a Clinical Fellow of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
After migrating to the U.S at 23, Rabab decided she wanted to develop her career and pursue higher education. She entered corporate America and earned an MBA. Though Rabab enjoyed corporate America, she realized this was not her passion. She decided to pursue the psychology field. She was committed to raising her child on her own and moving one step at a time to succeed and excel.
As a committed community member, Rabab uses her expertise and education to serving the refugees community and the under-privileged population.
Rabab is a Scream Free Parenting Certified Leader. She is trained in Play and Sand Tray Therapy at the Family and Play Therapy Center in Philadelphia. Rabab offers in-state (PA) therapy and counseling sessions. She also offers in-state, out of state and international coaching services. External Event Url
Iqra Institute
2550 Eisenhower Ave, Suite B205, Trooper, PA, United States