Create Honesty
Presented by Michelle Mercier (

It is a gathering of amazing, like minded women who want to feel inspired and empowered. The focus of the afternoon is providing everyone with tools to put themselves first and make their self care a priority. Its about making you feel good from the inside out!

Sunday Novemebr 19th 2:30M to 4:30PM
at the Amal Women's Center
37 Intervale Street, Boston, MA 02121

What can I expect if I attend?
A lot of laughter, honesty and positive thinking. Also, you can expect to leave feeling confident and empowered. You will also feel closer to your Sisters and ready to serve as a support system for one another’s self care.

What people are saying:
"Michelle is a strong, motivated, powerful women who helps to give all women strength when they feel like they have very little left to give. She is creative, confident and a wonderful life coach. We should all be as lucky to have her in our corner."
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37 Intervale Street
37 Intervale St, Boston, MA 02121, USA