Join us on Friday, January 20th, 7-10pm
For a "Know Your Rights" Seminar - Presented by CAIR-NY
Featuring Cyrus McGoldrick and National Lawyers Guild - Muslim Defense Committee
Online refreshments will be served :)

Even if you have paid minimal attention to the Associated Press investigation of the NYPD/CIA Demographics Unit, by now you must be aware that Muslims and immigrants from the Middle East have become institutionalized targets for predatory policing and discriminatory surveillance practices.

CAIR is trying its best to dismantle the NYPD spy program. For example; calling out strategy meetings, reaching out to government officials, bringing the issue to media etc. But, we think that raising awareness at the grassroot level is the most important thing to do.

Muslims who are not aware of their rights are most likely the target of these programs. We have seen several cases where people got trapped or victimized just because of their ignorance.
It’s time to know your rights and empower yourself. It’s your duty to protect your liberty.

CAIR is organizing ‘know your rights’ workshops in various mosques, colleges, islamic centers etc. of the New York city in the coming weeks.The purposes of these workshops is to inform and educate people about their rights and duties as an American Muslim. We will tell you how to protect your civil liberties and deal with the law enforcement issues.

You are an American and you’ve got every right that any other American does. But you can’t use them in your favor unless you know them. External Event Url