Are you deaf or hard of hearing? Ever interested in learning about Islam? No American Sign Language Interpreters available?

Then this event is for YOU! This event is WhyIslamSC Los Angeles's effort geared towards Deaf and Hard of hearing NON-Muslims who are interested in learning about Islam. Certified American Sign Language interpreters along with excellent food will be provided, God Willing. This is the first time something as innovative as this has ever been done by the Muslim Community in SoCAL; therefore, we encourage all those who are in LA to come out and Join us! All of you who are invited to this event, If you know any DEAF or HARD-OF-HEARING NON-MUSLIMS in SoCAL, please invite them all!

WhyIslam is a grass roots project of ICNA determined and dedicated to spreading the TRUE MESSAGE of ISLAM through dialogue, simple and easy to read literature including free QUR'AN translations, billboards, bus ads, etc.


This event will be live-streamed for those who cannot attend it in person! External Event Url
King Fahad Mosque
10980 West Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA, United States