Insha'Allah ICNA Houston is organizing Absence Funeral Prayer at local masajid for the victims of the recent tragedy in North Carolina.

Please try to organize in your local communities and let us know we will list them here. So far we have:

1) Islamic Outreach Center (After Salatul Isha 7:45pm 2/12/2015)
2) Masjid Uthman Ibn Affan Galveston (After Jumuah- 2/13)
3) ***Masjid Al-Mustafa Bear Creek (After Salatul Maghrib 2/12/2015)
4) ISGH Baytown Masjid Ar-Rahma
5) Maryam Masjid ( After Jummah Prayer 2/13/2015)
6) Sabireen at Dulles (After Jummah Prayer 2/13/2015)

We will be adding more masajid a we get conformations/approvals Insha'Allah.

***Pending Approval External Event Url
Local Masajid in Houston, Texas
Houston, TX, USA