Four years ago when we decided to create Eid Fest, we never would have imagined that four years later we would have, by Allah's grace and mercy, an event that attracts thousands of people from near and far, with a large bazaar, over a dozen rides and attractions, multiple food vendors, over 100 volunteers and a firework show!

Alhamdulillah as the fourth annual Eid Fest comes to an end and the tents are going down and cleaning is being wrapped up, as we reflect on all the ups and downs, we can't help but thank Allah first and foremost for bringing us this far, and thanking you, the community at large for helping making this event possible. We know that it was not perfect and we have much room for improvement and we ask you to please reach out to us and express any concerns, comments and feedback that you have. We hope and pray that you had an amazing and unforgettable experience with your family, friends and the entire community and that we see you again next year inshaAllah.

Lastly, we all know that we have brothers and sisters across the world, in the streets of Syria and the villages of Gaza and many other places who can't even dream of such celebrations. So we thank Allah infinitely for such a blessing and we pray with all our hearts that Allah grants them safety, refuge and victory so that they too can one day celebrate faith, unity and happiness as we do each year in Eid Fest.

JazakumUllahu Khairan,
Eid Fest Coordinators External Event Url
Islamic Foundation, Villa Park, IL
300 West High Ridge Rd, Villa Park, IL, United States