Bring your precious gifts between Sept,14th-October14,2012
FOOD: Cereals with good source of energy, like Maize, Rice Cereals, Honey, Sorghum, Millet/Granola and Honey oats Bars/ Protein Source Food, like Beans, Cowpeas, Pigeon Peas, / Tinned Fruits and Vegetables/ Cooking Oils / Groundnuts / Rice / Sugar / Lentils / Beans / Salt - Expiration Date atlease 10 months away.

School Supplies/ Hygiene Kits / Mosquito Nets / Good Condition Shoes / New Socks / Clean Mattresses / Usable House Utensils / Good Condition Furniture

Anti-Malarias / Anti-Fever / Pain Killer / Anti-Cholera / Anti-Biotic / Laxatives / Anti-Fungal / Oral Suspension / Multi-Vitamins and Minerals- Expiration Date at least 14 Months.

New and Used Clean Good Condition Clothes (Pants, Jeans, Shits, T-Shirts, Long Skirts, Sweaters, Jackets, Un-Stitched Clothes)

Baby Items:
Brand New Baby Clothes / Diapers / Baby Food / Dry Milk / Milk Bottles

Where to Bring:
Dates: Between Sept 14 - October 14

HHRD In-Kind Gifts Center,
11955 Bissonnet St, Houston, TX 77099
Timings: Friday 12pm-7pm
Saturday 12pm-7pm
Sunday 12pm-7pm

Ayub Hagi (713)517-8339
Maaz Adil (281)468-2238
ILyas Choudry (832)275-0786

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