Toys & New Clothes For Syrian Orphans

Since the Syrian Uprising in March of 2011, many civilians fled to Jordan with nothing. Seeking shelter in a different country, many Syrians turned to Jordanian citizens and humanitarian aid for help. It has been five years and Syrian refugees, the vast majority being widows and orphans, have not been receiving the proper aid. As the Houston community, we should be doing our part in alleviating the suffering of our brothers and sisters.

We must start now to make sure that they know that we have not forgotten about the Syrians. How can we enjoy the festivities of EID, while our brothers and sisters doesnt have new clothes to wear and celebrate EID and our Syrian childeren dont have toys to play with?

Dates: June 20th till July 31st

Drop Off Location:
Helping Hand Office
10503 Rockley Rd, #105B Houston, TX 77099

We accept all toys: they MUST be properly packaged and in new condition, preferably without batteries.

All Clothes must be new and packaged seperately by Gender in boxes or bags.

Please contribute $10 or more for shipping expenses.

Contact Info:
Mahnur Faisal :
Maaz Adil: 281-468-2238
Ayub Hagi: 713-517-8339 External Event Url
10503 Rockley Rd, #105B, Houston, TX 77099
10503 Rockley Rd #105b, Houston, TX 77099, USA