“Divine inspiration that raised HER ranks, lifted HER spirits, unleashed HER potential, setting in motion a phenomenon that changed the World forever.”

In the form of revelation many centuries ago, a divine message emerged to renew and revive a World engulfed in inequality, injustice, corruption, and dismay. This message spread the idea of liberating the inner self from the shackles of existing societies that had fallen prey to all sorts of social injustices. This message that spread humanity, freedom, compassion and subservience to the greater good had inspired the lives and hearts of men and women, young and old, rich and poor.

This message transformed the status of women from that of a mere possession to that of a dignified human being. This was at a time when women were denied inheritance, in fact they were inherited, wives were denied many marital rights and, in some cases, daughters were denied the right to life. With divine revelation, their status was no longer in relation to men, but in relation to God. This message restored the rights of women to be respected as women of conviction, to worship with excellence, to be scholars, to control property, to run households with full support, and enhance their lives with all the liberties and responsibilities available to them

This year’s theme will focus on this message of divine empowerment derived from the Quran and the Sunnah. It brought about undeniable change to the status of women all around the world in their respective societies from many centuries ago to today. History is a witness to this. Today, we want to remember and reflect on this divine message sent down to remove the barriers that existed but still have an influential presence in our current times. We take pride in our identity as Women and hope to inspire and empower others as we spread this awareness to the masses. External Event Url