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Being ME 2015 Conference - Qur'an: The Compass to Compassion

Compassion has the power to soften our hearts, guide our speech, compel us to a cause and embolden us to achieve incredible acts of courage and sacrifice. The Qur’an lays out a roadmap for how the Muslimah can lead a life of compassion and mindfulness towards others – from maintaining family ties, forgiving those who wrong us, and overlooking the faults of others to being just to our neighbors, kind to animals and preserving the environment. This year, we explore what it means to live a life in constant mindfulness and mercy, to find the impetus to build bridges and mend relationships, and reach new heights in service towards others. Join us in an exploration of the Qur’an, the compass to cultivating compassion, so that we may purify our hearts, reach our character bests, and build a community rooted in compassion. External Event Url
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