STORY OF NUH by Ustadh Adam Jamal
How can the dua of one man cause one of the greatest floods mankind has ever seen? How can one man keep persevering for 950 years? How can one man have such complete trust in Allah SWT, despite so many worldly difficulties?
How can I make my dua more sincere and accepted by Allah? How can I develop that level of patience and perseverance? How can I have that close, personal relationship with Allah, so that I can talk to Him and rely on Him in my darkest times? How can I still be grateful while going through my own trials and tribulations?
These are just some of the questions the awesome story of Nuh (AH) answers. Come and join us for a fun and inspirational night of storytelling. Enjoy a good time and learn about one of the greatest messengers of Allah SWT with us.

Instructor: Ustadh Adam Jamal
Location: Islamic Society of Orange County - ISOC,
March 4th, 2016 | 7PM - 10:30PM
Tuition: $20
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Islamic Society of Orange County - ISOC
1 Al-Rahman Plaza, Garden Grove, CA, United States