Arguably the most painful episode in the messenger's life consists of the number of weeks during which the dignity of his beloved wife, our mother Aisha (RA) was brought into question. As rumors took Madinah by storm, they demoralized the Muslims community and did more damage than could ever be inflicted on the battlefield. Yet this terrible time was part of Allah's grand plan to bring the faithful out of this darkness back into the light.
To do so, Allah revealed His brilliant words in the Surah of Light that not only brought relief to the prophet (S), his family and the faithful (R) but became a source of powerful counsel for the faithful to come until judgment day. Join Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan as he attempts to have us relive this powerful story in light of the ayaat of Surat al Noor.

Fri, July 29th | 6:30PM to 10PM
Instructor: Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan
Location: South Pointe Community Centre, 11520 Ellerslie Road SW Edmonton, Canada
Tuition: $25 (CAD)
Please note: This class is for ages 12 years and above. External Event Url
South Pointe Community Centre
11520 Ellerslie Rd SW, Edmonton, AB, Canada